The StopLik Story

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StopLik is simple to apply as a deterrent for the licking that causes Lick Granuloma, to stop companion animals from licking surgical sites, and from removing IVs, urinary catheters and Seton drains.



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One of the primary uses of StopLik is for treatment of Acral Lick Dermatitis, also known as Lick Granuloma.

While there are numerous treatments for Lick Granuloma, none of them is consistently successful in eliminating all cases.

Multiple causes range from allergies to bacterial infection, parasites, stress, boredom, a sense of abandonment, a need for endorphins released by licking and even obsessive/compulsive disorder. Treatments range from changes in environment to reduce stress or boredom, anti-depressants, topical anesthetic preparations, long-term antibiotics, itch control medications, "allergy shots" and in severe cases radiation therapy, casts, cryosurgery and surgical excision.

The Elizabethan Collar is also used to prevent licking, with only moderate success. Pet owners - and their pets - do not like the restriction of the collars, and pets often find ways to remove them. Bitter apple sprays are only moderately effective and must be frequently re-applied.

Only StopLik accomplishes the desired behavioral change - stop licking - with the least amount of resistance by pets and pet owners, and without comparatively expensive treatment regimes.

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